Q: Where do the courses take place?
 A: All courses are online; you can work from any place that has Internet access. 
Q: Are the courses through an accredited college? 
A: Yes. Credit comes through Lake Erie College or Notre Dame College — both accredited colleges.  
Q: How many semester hours is each course worth? 
A: Three semester hours each; you can earn 9 semester hours in less than three months, if you take all three of Mark’s online courses    

Q: How long does each course last?      

A: 3 to 4 weeks    
Q: How are the the courses taught?     

A: Courses are online, they are self-pacing, taught on web sites that use both text and streaming video for instruction. You can preview many of the how-to videos at Mark’s tutorial site for teachers, Learnitin5.com.      

Q: How do I know if this online course is really as good as it looks? 

 A: Course participants call Mark’s courses the best they’ve ever taken; check out our testimonials link.

Q: How do I register?      

A: To register for any of these courses through Lake Erie College, contact Lisa Strausbaugh or Terri Orlando at lstrausbaugh@lec.edu or torlando@lec.edu or call 440-375-7366.

If you want to take Paperless I and/or Paperless II or Tweet Glog and Roll through Notre Dame College, contact Kris Jensen at kjensen@ndc.edu.  NOTE: Mark’s social media and Twitter courses aren’t currently offered through NDC.

Q: What if I’m an administrator who wants a workshop at my school? 

A: Mark Barnes will deliver workshops on site, at your school; just e-mail mark at mark@thepaperlessclassroom.com or call him direct at   440 668-2420  and Mark will come directly to you. 

Q: Are there any other requirements for these courses?  

A: Internet and e-mail access. Both Paperless Classroom courses use the wiki host EditMe. It is free for The Paperless Classroom I; there is a $9.00 fee for The Paperless Classroom II.

Q: Is there any writing for Mark’s courses?  

A: All writing activities take place on message boards on the course web sites.

Q: What if I’m not great on computers?  

A: Very little computer skill is required. If you can point a mouse and click, you’ll do just fine.

Q: What computer requirements do I and/or my school need to set up and run classroom websites? 
A: Any computer with Internet access will work; the system works on most district servers.
Q: Do any of Mark’s courses count towards a Masters Degree?
Lake Erie College offers a Masters Degree in Education. Three of Mark’s courses count for credit toward that degree.
Q: How much does running a classroom website cost?

A: site licenses are negotiable; monthly hosting memberships begin at $9.00 per month after a free month, if you want to get sites for all students. Mark discusses free options in his Paperless Classroom courses.

Q: I have more questions; can I talk to the presenter? A: Yes. E-mail Mark Barnes.     

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