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Meet Mark Barnes

Mark Barnes is attempting to bring true reform to the education world with his Results Only Learning Environment, or ROLE. Based on the motivation and education research of successful authors and presenters like, Daniel Pink, Alfie Kohn, John Hattie and Stephen Krashen, along with his 18 years as a public school teacher in three grades, Mark has developed a new system that completely changes teaching and learning. Learn more about the system at the “What’s a ROLE?” and “Educational Shift” tabs above.

While transforming his classroom into a ROLE, Mark was also revolutionizing K-12 web-based instruction by bringing private student web sites into his own online classroom — an extension of school into cyberspace. Mark has developed five online courses for educators, taught through two accredited colleges. 

A popular speaker and presenter, Mark is a member of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), professional development leader ASCD, and he is recognized by the Discovery Education Network as a “Star Educator” for his outstanding work in K-12 technology. 
Mark has been invited to present The Paperless Classroom system at the prestigious International Learning Conference, eTech Ohio’s Educational Technology Conference and at ISTE .

Mark is also the developer of and lead contributor to the web site, Learn it in 5, a library of how-to videos that demonstrate how to use virtually any Web 2.0 and social media application in the classroom. Mark’s classroom web site, www.barnesclass.com, is recognized by the Indiana University Education Department as one of the top 10 K-12 classroom sites in America. 

A published novelist and freelance writer with hundreds of writing credits, Mark’s new book, ROLE Reversal, will be published by ASCD in early 2013. Get powerful information from him daily by following him on Twitter.


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